Jewellery Transformation



When you think about it, how much jewellery end up in the back of drawers or in a safe without ever seeing the light of day?

Many reasons can account for this phenomena, but the most popular ones remain the fact that the jewellery is broken, outdated or was inherited!

One thing that remains however is the attachment, the sentimental value associated to the jewels, especially on jewellery that belonged to family and have their own history/heirloom.

Instead of leaving these jewels out of sight, why not give them a second life by creating a unique piece of jewellery that will resemble your personality while keeping in touch with its origin? This is what we advocate and what we call ‘’Jewellery Transformation’’

From a small modification to a complete new jewel, we specialize in the metamorphoses of old jewellery in noble metals with or without precious gems.



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