Gem Replacement and setting


At Baron Designs we guarantee our gem setting craftsmanship according to normal wear of your jewellery. This requires an annual visit to our workshop in order to verify the status of the gems setting. With time, it is normal that the prongs/collar wear out.  This weakens the setting and the risk of losing gems increases.

While you visit us, we also check your precious gems to evaluate their status (cracks, fissure, chip,...)

This complete yearly analysis will insure that you don’t get any bad surprise and will guarantee that your jewellery is always in excellent condition.

Also, we offer a gem(s) replacement service. This can be useful when a customer wants to upgrade their gem, especially on wedding rings. Are you considering changing a mossanite or half carat diamond for a one carat! ...or rather change because you would like a new color gem on your ring...

At Baron Designs, we have a gemmologist on-site and will be sure to help you make a clear choice in your desire to change your gem(s).


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