Custom Designs


At the heart of our mission, our engagement to develop designs manufactured according to our customers desire. Assist in the jewellery creations that are conceived from the imagination of an individual as well as personalised, while responding to his needs.

A custom design is the perfect gift. At Baron Designs, you will work jointly with the designer in order to create a unique jewel.

Looking for the perfect gift, commemorating an important special event or simply wanting to express your style with a unique combination that reflects your image, we will assist you through the process, every step of the way.

From conception to creation, we work with you in order for your dream to take life.

We want your vision to become a reality and a treasure that you will cherish a lifetime...From Design to Emotion!



  1. Make an appointment to meet with us by calling (514) 296-3789 for our first meeting with the designing team. Meetings are at no charge and estimates are also free and with no obligation from your part.
  2. Once we meet, we discuss your project/idea and talk about your interests and needs, according to your budget. We will also look at drawings, pictures, magazines that you can also bring along to help illustrate your creation.
  3. Our team will then submit drawings to the customer and discuss different alternatives in order to meet the final budget, based on the final choices of the customer.
  4. Although the estimate for the design is free it may happen that the customer will have his own gems and metal (platinum, gold, silver,...). In this case, we can also use the different element supplied by the customer hence reducing the final cost.
  5. As the design gets a final approval from the customer, a 50% deposit is required to start the jewel production.
  6. The customer remains informed through the entire design process and can choose to receive picture of the output with each production step if he wants.
  7. Allow one to two weeks to get the finished custom design, once customer has proofed the design.



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